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Cocaine: Bastiaan investigates how it''s cut | Drugslab ...

In our newest series Druglab Extra we will be investigating the world around drugs every fortnight. In this week''s episode Bastiaan visits a drug dealer to s...

How to cut / Re-Rock? : cocaine

Continue browsing in r/cocaine. r/cocaine. A place for friends to discuss cocaine and cocaine related activities, news, stories, products, etc. 106k. Members. 383. Online. Created Mar 4, 2009. Join. Top posts july 31st 2017 Top posts of july, 2017 Top posts 2017. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit …

Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product – Deceptology

 · Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product. and increase drug dealer profits. Since illegal drugs are expensive, drug dealers try to cut or dilute a drug if they can. Obviously if you cut a drug like cocaine and make it 50% drug and 50% something cheaper, you''ll save some money. You need some kind of "bulking agent."


 · But when you cook up crack from cocaine, oftentimes lots of baking soda gets mixed in there that isn''t fully dissolved into the oil. It definitely works after I''ve made my own crack and realized I put in too much baking soda, so it''s especially chunky/grainy, and needed to be purified.

The Powder Press Demo Video

 · FOR MORE INFO AND TO ORDER GO TO: first affordable machine to easily and quickly press cosmetic powders. Press face powder an...

Rocking coke... | Hip Forums

 · Yeah, rocked coke is definitly a selling point for first-time buyers. If it looks like it just came off the plane and is still rocked, people will tend to buy it. Powder …

How to rerock cocaine

How to rerock cocaine Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, How to rerock cocaine, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

Cocaine Dealers

Cocaine: A History Between the LinesPost Production Supervisor on this two-hour series for History Channel

How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?

 · Cooking coke in water and soda, ammonia or ether will result in crack cocaine aka rock. Thats all folks! July 4, 2006 at 5:39 pm #723262. Raj. This is called free-basing coke and, sorry to burst your bubble, but the end product is crack to the best of my knowledge, it''s also referred to as ''cracking'' coke. :bad_idea:

How do i stretch Coke? Rerock Also : cocaine

How do i stretch Coke? Rerock Also. i use to sell it pure off the brick and it was some fishscale rock but im lightweight low on funds got the plug but dont know how to correctly bust it down and re rock it. Im not trynna stretch hella maybe a quarter into 10 grams? ... Grind to powder, add lactose, pour a little acetone on it, mix mix mix ...

How to Re-Cook Crack Cocaine | Meth Drug Addiction

 · How to Re-Cook Crack Cocaine. Published November 26, 2010. Here one of our friends demonstrates the process of "re-cooking" crack cocaine. The purpose of re-cooking is to remove impurities and adulterants ("cut") from the retail crack and thereby make it more potent, with a higher concentration of cocaine. Video Rating: 5 / 5.

How To Cook Coke Into Crack On A Spoon

Crack is a smokeable form of cocaine. Other names. Cocaine powder (charlie, ching, coke, council, fishscale, flake, prop, snow), Crack cocaine (rock, .... get a pan of water boiling. in the test tube mix 4 parts coke to 1 part baking soda. then mix 3 parts water and 1 …

How do you rerock cocaine?

 · first off u grind down your pure cocaine to straight powder then u wanna spray it lightly with aceton you will need a spray bottle for this once uve sprayed lightly ...

Rerock methods : cocaine

start with the cocaine, use a coffee grinder (electric) to crush the coke into a very fine powder. now aquire extracted lidocaine (over the counter and easy to do, videos on it everywhere) and caffeine pills. use the 75 / 17 / 17 ratio if you trying to make more. 75 % coke, 17% caffiene, 17% lido.

how to rerock heroin

 · Rerock will often crumble a bit more. ... Brown rock/powder heroin questions – Drugs Forum. Swim has recently been getting brown rock/powder heroin. Swim has snorted this form of heroin as well as smoked it. ... cocaine, crack cocaine, chalky "re-rock" cocaine and tablets of ...


 · Re: crack cocaine resin/ well You can prolly stop right there, the info brought to light in the last post is enough from me to advise not to try and recook or rerock any of it. A portion of, if not most of swiy''s 2 grams is more than likely resin from the other substances smoked.

How do you properly cut cocaine? : cocaine

Inositol is good bc it is harmless, adds weight, resembles Coke, and acts as a binding agent if you''re going to re rock it. If not just make sure you break your raw product down to the same consistency as the inositol and mix them well. Then sell as a powder. Don''t be an asshole. And be honest.

Pressing powder

Today I found out that my allover powder was completely broken. Thanx to EnKore''s tutorial, I could fix it! Here''s how I did it.Please check my website:

how to cut and re rock coke with acetone

To re chunk coke ether or acetone is used after the powder is completely and evenly cut how to rerock cocaine with inositol inositol uterine contractions polish taste and smell is acetone used commonly to rerock good coke homie! buy re rock mugs shirts 41/5 ...

How to re-rock cocaine? | Bluelight

 · the trick to rerock GetFishScale my friend is a big timer. i help him rerock b4 he take 1/4 of this cut he got from GetFishScales and 3/4 white . he mix it up then pour actone in it to get it damp. then he had this box he put it in and he stand on it to aply pressure. after that it was hard . he throw it in freezer over night.

How To Make Realistic Cocaine ½ Kilo Bricks

 · We attend various film sets, Car Shows, Events and schools (where we teach about "Stranger Danger" and "Anti Drug Use") throughout the UK and Europe, as part...

how to re rock cocaine? : cocaine

Spray with acetone (paint thinner) not alot about a table spoon per half oz. Mix in bag . Apply pressure. Vice like pressure. The product will take a pancake like form. Put it preheated oven at about 200 degrees . Tap with knife after a couple min until it sounds like glass and isn''t soft anymore. 2. level 2.

What You Need to Know About Drugs: Cocaine and Crack

What It Is: Cocaine is a white powder that comes from the dried leaves of the coca plant that is found in South America. Crack. cocaine is a form of the drug that gives a very quick, intense high.. Crack is made by cooking cocaine powder with baking soda, then breaking it into small pieces called rocks.

Rerocking Chemicals Used For Heroin,

how to re rock heroin no, it is not used in the production of cocaine but it is used in a process to step-on or cut. . Rerocking Chemicals Used For Heroin some wiseguys get the idea to sell fentanyl as heroin (fentanyl is possible to i believe lactose is the most common cutting ingredient used with mineral called hydroxyapatite, the chemical ...


 · Get inositol powder (can be found at any vitamin retailer) make sure it''s pure inositol, 99% or above acetone and high quality coke mix the inositol and coke at a ratio you''re looking for ( make sure to grind into a fine powder) add acetone a dropper at a time until you get a paste like consistency then press if you want then allow 15-20 ...

Rerocking Coke Without Acetone,

Rerocking Coke Without Acetone i am no drug dealer but, i would like to know how they re-rock cocaine. you can clean it with acetone, then i mix it with a little water, and i . december 9. acetone hydrolic press and last but not least a mold (this you have to make bingo bango you have now cut and re rocked your cocaine .

how to rerock powder coke

 · How to re-rock cocaine?. My buddy usually sells cocaine but i … i''ve heard of dealers taking large amounts of powder, … my friend is a big timer. i help him rerock …

The Re-Rock – All Things Romania

 · The consumer buying powder therefore knows the product has been mixed with a dilutant and is therefore not pure. The "solution" (for the seller) therefore is to mix pure cocaine with dilutant and make it seem like its pure – therefore it is compressed back into "brick" or "rock" form and sold (more or less) as pure product.


 · NY. Jul 2, 2012. #2. Don''t inject it if it''s cut to hell or has left over baking soda. Don''t heat it, but since you shouldn''t be injecting it that''s irrelevant. You can still smoke it off of foil if it''s too fine to smoke in a stem. So yea, smoke it.

Pressing powder

 · Today I found out that my allover powder was completely broken. Thanx to EnKore''s tutorial, I could fix it! Here''s how I did it.Please check my website:

How To Rerock Cocaine

make use of about 8 sudafed, 3 occasions the quantity when smashed up of lidocaine, and a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon natural powder sugar. obtain good and mixed up on a smooth surface. air lightly with water, chop up again. repeat until all powder starts to slightly …

How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone, If it is to ...

april 14. How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone If it had a strong cocaine odor it was cut heavily with ether. the smell might have been acetone but it could have been benzene (you don;t want . anybody can re rock some up with acetone and its going to be a solid chunk discourtesy - dysfunction.

How To Rerock Meth And Msm Into Clear Shards

How To Rerock Meth And Msm Into Clear Shards. Having a little problem with bitterness creeping back into attention here is paid to clarity, the liquid should be crystal clear. then add enough alcohol to reverse this crystallization of meth usually about 5 ml / oz. .. meth cut with msm looks better than pure meth crystals, and it gives a nice...